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20 Mar

VCP-550 Online Test-VMware Certified Professional – Data Center Virtualization

Currently, our VCP-550 online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

An administrator adds an ESXi 5.x host to the inventory of a vCenter Server that is configured with a vSphere Distributed Switch. The vSphere Web Client indicates that the host is not responding. The administrator determines from the command line that the vpxa agent is stopped. What should the administrator do to resolve this issue without affecting the uptime of the virtual machines running on the host?


An ESXi 5.x host disconnects within 60 seconds after the administrator adds it to the vCenter Server inventory. The administrator determines that the issue could be related to a networking problem. Which networking port should the administrator check for connectivity from the host to vCenter Server?


An administrator needs to export system logs for an ESXi 5.5 host to determine the root cause for a host performance issue. This host supports manifest-driven exports of system logs. Which manifest is selected by default during the export system log wizard?


For security reasons, SSH and the ESXi Shell have been disabled on a standalone ESXi 5.x host. A vSphere administrator accesses the Direct Console User Interface (DCUI) to examine log files related to a recent connection issue. Which system log can the administrator access to determine the cause of the issue?


The administrator has deployed a third-party virtual appliance in the organization’s vSphere environment and needs to use Update Manager to maintain the third-party appliance. How should the administrator accomplish this task with the least administrative effort?


An administrator is attempting to use Update Manager to patch a cluster of ESXi 5.x hosts. The administrator needs to stage the patches for a scheduled update after hours. When verifying the hosts after the scheduled upgrade, the administrator determines that one of the hosts was not remediated and patches are not staged. The host is using PXE as its boot method. What condition would cause this behavior?


Which vSphere feature creates a copy of a virtual machine that can be stored locally within a cluster or at another site, and provides the ability to rapidly restore a virtual machine within minutes?


Which default alarm definition will send a notification trap if the redundant storage path is lost?


A vSphere administrator needs to configure the environment to send a notification to a monitored email address every time a vSphere alarm is triggered. Which procedure should the administrator use to accomplish the task?


The vSphere administrator needs to check the system health of an ESXi 5.x host using the vSphere Web Client. Which option in the Monitor tab should the administrator use for the selected host?


A VMware administrator determines that the active memory on an ESXi 5.x host is 20% and the consumed memory is 90%. How much host memory is available to virtual machines?


A vSphere administrator determines that more metrics are available for viewing in the realtime view than are available in the daily view for a virtual machine. What is the reason for this discrepancy in the number of available metrics?


The load on a Fully Automated HA/DRS cluster is critically unbalanced. What condition could cause this issue?


A virtual machine fails to migrate during a Storage DRS event. What could cause this issue?


The load is high on a HA/DRS cluster. DPM is enabled. A vSphere administrator determines that hosts are NOT powering on automatically to support the load. Which configuration would result in this condition?


A vSphere administrator configures a preferred heartbeat datastore in an HA/DRS cluster configuration. The vCenter Server identifies an alternative preferred datastore. Why would vCenter Server identify an alternative preferred datastore over the administrator’s preference?


A vSphere administrator enables and configures a Software iSCSI Initiator, and configures an iSCSI vmkernel portgroup with Port Binding. The SAN administrator creates a few LUNs on an iSCSI server. However, when the vSphere administrator adds the IP address of the iSCSI server in the Dynamic Discovery list, no iSCSI targets are detected. What condition would result in this behavior?


An error occurs while building a new virtual machine with a thin provisioned virtual disk size of 20GB. The datastore has 35GB of free space. The datastore is overcommitted by 95GB. What is preventing the virtual machine from being built?


An administrator is using esxtop to troubleshoot a storage performance issue.Which parameter should the administrator check to monitor any storage-related vSphere overhead?


A SAN administrator recently installed a storage encryption switch on the Fibre Channel Fabric. Shortly after the deployment, several new VMFS5 datastores recently created were dismounted. Attempts to manually mount them fail. VMFS5 upgraded datastores are unaffected. All Storage arrays in use support VASA and VAAI.What is the root cause of this problem?


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