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2V0-651 Online Test-VMware Certified Professional 6 – Desktop and Mobility Beta Exam

Currently, our 2V0-651 online test only provide 20 questions. Answer one question correctly, you can get 5 points. The content of these questions are the latest exam content. Please feel free to test your skill level.

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Now, begin to test:

1. An administrator needs to ensure that the Horizon View environment accounts for single points of failure. Which type of server should the administrator install in addition to the Horizon View Connection server?


2. An administrator needs to provide access to applications for users regardless of whether the users have network access. Which two VMware components should the administrator choose? (Choose two.)


3. An administrator needs to create 1000 virtual machines with minimal shared disk space. Additionally, the administrator needs to be able to update the images while ensuring that the users’ information is managed in a central location. Which VMware components should be used to meet the requirements?


4. What two prerequisites must be met before View Composer can be installed? (Choose two.)


5. An administrator needs to install View Composer. The current environment uses a vCenter Server appliance and four ESXi hosts.Which two steps should the administrator take to complete the installation? (Choose two.)


6. Which prerequisite must an administrator verify before installing a View Connection server?


7. An administrator is performing a silent installation of a View Connection Server and needs to ensure that the firewall settings are enabled during the install.Which parameter should the administrator use?


8. An administrator is installing View Connection server and stops at the Authorize a View Administrators account step. Which user or group is the default suggestion at this stage?


9. An administrator has installed a View security server and needs to verify that the installation was successful.In addition to the security server, which three services should be installed? (Choose three.)


10. An administrator is performing a silent installation of a security server and needs to ensure that clients can remotely access their desktops using View’s default protocol. Which parameter should the administrator use?


11. An administrator has installed View and needs to configure the PCoIP settings via a Group Policy Object (GPO).What should the administrator do first?


12. An administrator needs to provide access to a View virtual desktop for users in Domain A and Domain B.How should the administrator configure the domains and the View implementation?


13. An administrator is granted access to a vCenter Server with a custom Active Directory user account. The user account should have the required permissions for full management of the View environment. However, when the administrator attempts to enable View Storage Accelerator, permission is denied.Which View privilege within vCenter Server needs to be configured?


14. A View administrator needs to ensure that an environment is ready to use Smart Cards. The cards use certificates generated by a third-party Certificate Authority (CA). The administrator has verified that each certificate contains a UPN. What must the administrator do to complete the preparation of the environment?


15. What should the administrator do first when configuring vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon to monitor their View deployment?


16. An administrator is configuring the View Connection Broker Agent. The Adapter instance is properly configured within vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon. When the administrator clicks on the Test button to pair the server, the test fails. IP address and name resolution are validated and working for both servers.What should the administrator do to verify connectivity between both servers?


17. An administrator finds that some desktop pools fail to report metrics back to vCenter Operations Manager for Horizon, while other desktops are reporting metrics as expected. Which condition could cause this behavior?


18. An administrator needs an Active Directory service account to use for Quickprep. The organization’s policies do not allow the service account to create new computer accounts in Active Directory. Pre-existing computer accounts must be reused.Which three Active Directory permissions are required for the service account? (Choose three.)


19. An administrator needs to configure a user for View Composer to add computers to the domain. Company policy restricts the administrator account from being used.Which three non-default permissions must be added to the account to accomplish this? (Choose three.)


20. At a minimum, which three Datastore permissions must be added to a vCenter Server role to work with View Composer? (Choose three.)


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